12 for 12: A Dozen Images of Jersey Surf – January 12th, 2014

So far this Winter has been kind to east facing beaches, and this past Sunday's swell was no exception: Mixed sun and clouds, relatively warm, and as you can see from the images below, roping, beautiful, and barreling. Here's a dozen images from some of our favorite photogrpahers, with shots taken at a variety of spots all along the 126 miles of the Jersey Shore.

Above: A classic look from the lens of Mary Dunham. Catch more of her amazing work here —> Shore Shot Images.

Above: Maura Grogan Redy captures an early morning golden beauty in Monmouth.

Above: Bryce Nyhill with a pair of images of early morning in Manasquan.

Above: Our favorite ripping grom, Mikey Vanaman tucked in the barrel in AC.

Above: Tom Magarelli captures Central NJ thorwing down. (Credit to our great friends at Epic Shirts for the heads up on this one.)

Above: Marc Halikas capture a S Jersey surfer in the barrel, but look closely to his left, there's another going over the falls.

Above: Brittany Gomulka grabs a shot of a roping Bay Head barrel.

Above: Ken Salerno lenses in on a surfer skating one off lip on a rare central jersey lefthander.

Above: Mike Korich image of a glimmering Ocean County (via Epic Shirts).

Above: The wonderfully talented eye of Joanne O;Shaughnessy captures the dark and the light of the barrel.

Above: DJ Struntz captures Sam Hammer in his backyard for Surfing Magazine, doing what Sam Hammer does on a winter day in NJ.

Looks like more swell on tap possibly for the weekend. Perhaps this will be another in the run of solid winter swells for those with access to east facing beaches. Then again, maybe this one will this one bring a northerly breeze and day trips to Long Island. Only time will tell – but there's no denying this much – the NY NJ surf area may be cold this time of year, but it has it's occasional barreling benefits. See y'all out there. Will Hallett