Life after Snowmageddon 2016: Blue Skies and Bombing Sets Abound – NY NJ Surf Region Photo Roundup

CJ Mangio and Owen O'Donnell set to catch the cleanup after the Blizzard of 2016Winter 2015-2016 brought desperately little in terms of snow…until January 23rd, 2016, that is. And when it finally did begin to snow across our area, it didn't stop until many if us were blanketed under more than 2 feet. But as often happens for us, the real action didn't arrive until the next  day as the intense low pressure system that pummelded the are pulled north and east – pushing behind it solid groundswell pulses under bright sun and crystal clear skies. From all accounts and personal experience, it wasn't easy out there today, but there were definitely some cold, salty gems to be scored. Who scored it the best? You be the judge – here's a dozen images from some of our favorite Instagram follows. Like what you see? Click through and give our friends a follow! And of course, don't forget to follow us while you're at it —> (Above left: Long Beach supergroms @cjmangio_surfer @owenodonnell31 set to hit the post-blizzard cleanup. Photocredit: Our great friend, Craig Mangio).

Bonus! Alex DePhillipo and Dark Fall Productions: Andrew Gesler takes on Snowmageddon Jonas, with the help of Weezer.

Double Bonus: Our great friend Etan Blatt captures the waves and a quick escape, with no help from Weezer.

Hope y'all enjoyed the waves, with any luck there's more in store for us soon. See y'all out there!

Will Hallett