3 for 3: Cristobal Tracks North and the NY NJ Surf Region Scores Again!

Tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic basin aren't uncommon this time of year, but they often vary greatly in their tracks and intensity. So when Cristobal formed deep in the Caribbean on August 23rd, it almost seemed too much to ask that she would follow suit with Arthur and Bertha and make her up the eastern seaboard and into our swell window. Yet that's exactly what she did.

By Wednesday, August 27th, Cristobal was positioned neatly off the Carolinas and was headed on a near perfect path between the east coast and Bermuda, and was already throwing waves our way – some clear forerunners making themselves were being felt well before sunset. By Thursday morning, the entire NY NJ region was lighting up, but this this time NY would be the major beneficiary. Unlike Bertha, who's winds and swell angle favored Jersey's east facing beaches, Cristobal passed closer to the coast and delivered winds from the NNW, favoring Long Island – although some parts of Jersey and especially South Jersey had their moments. 

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Above left: Brent Hertz @mhzpix captures and unknown surfer skipping for joy over the Cristobal swell.



Bonus image: As with any warm weather long period swell, crowds were unavoidable, as were the inevitable dropins:

The forecasted track held pretty well dead on – as Accuweather said, Crostobal "split the uprights" between us and Bermuda, then spun safely into the Canadian maritimes.

Here's hoping for more, and that the field goal is always good. Next up is Dolly. With any luck she'll come our way as well and I'll see y'all out there! 

— Will Hallett http://instagram.com/nynjsurf