Etan Blatt’s “Greetings From Jonas | The New York Blizzard of 2016” Surf Vid

Want more evidence of what a special swell accompanied Winter Storm Jonas? Our great friend, NY's own Etan Blatt, just released his latest video, a beautifully shot and edited piece that he is graciously allowing us to feature right here on

The vid features some of the best talent our region has to offer: New York's Balaram Stack, James Theobald and Joe Parrino, and New Jersey's Pat Schmidt, Mike Gleason and Sam Hammer. Click below to check it out! (Above left: Etan's "workbench" – and a look through a Jonas barrel.)

With February just around the corner, there will most likely be more in store for us before we're done with Winter 2015-2016. Like all of you I'll be closely watching the forecast models – with any luck something will develop soon, giving Etan another set of great clips to edit – and with a little more luck, I'll see y'all out there!

Will Hallett