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Etan Blatt’s “Greetings From Jonas | The New York Blizzard of 2016” Surf Vid

Want more evidence of what a special swell accompanied Winter Storm Jonas? Our great friend, NY's own Etan Blatt, just released his latest video, a beautifully shot and edited piece that he is graciously allowing us to feature right here on

The vid features some of the best talent our region has to offer: New York's Balaram Stack, James Theobald and Joe Parrino, and New Jersey's Pat Schmidt, Mike Gleason and Sam Hammer. Click below to check it out! (Above left: Etan's "workbench" – and a look through a Jonas barrel.)

With February just around the corner, there will most likely be more in store for us before we're done with Winter 2015-2016. Like all of you I'll be closely watching the forecast models – with any luck something will develop soon, giving Etan another set of great clips to edit – and with a little more luck, I'll see y'all out there!

Will Hallett


Life after Snowmageddon 2016: Blue Skies and Bombing Sets Abound – NY NJ Surf Region Photo Roundup

CJ Mangio and Owen O'Donnell set to catch the cleanup after the Blizzard of 2016Winter 2015-2016 brought desperately little in terms of snow…until January 23rd, 2016, that is. And when it finally did begin to snow across our area, it didn't stop until many if us were blanketed under more than 2 feet. But as often happens for us, the real action didn't arrive until the next  day as the intense low pressure system that pummelded the are pulled north and east – pushing behind it solid groundswell pulses under bright sun and crystal clear skies. From all accounts and personal experience, it wasn't easy out there today, but there were definitely some cold, salty gems to be scored. Who scored it the best? You be the judge – here's a dozen images from some of our favorite Instagram follows. Like what you see? Click through and give our friends a follow! And of course, don't forget to follow us while you're at it —> (Above left: Long Beach supergroms @cjmangio_surfer @owenodonnell31 set to hit the post-blizzard cleanup. Photocredit: Our great friend, Craig Mangio).

Bonus! Alex DePhillipo and Dark Fall Productions: Andrew Gesler takes on Snowmageddon Jonas, with the help of Weezer.

Double Bonus: Our great friend Etan Blatt captures the waves and a quick escape, with no help from Weezer.

Hope y'all enjoyed the waves, with any luck there's more in store for us soon. See y'all out there!

Will Hallett

“The Reef” New York Premiere – Feb 18th, 2016 – Not your ordinary surf film!

What do you get when you combine great surfing and cinematography with The Australian Chamber Orchestra? A surf film unlike any other you're likely to see, perhaps ever. Set on Ningaloo Reef on Australia's north west coast, "The Reef" is both a visual and auditory treasure, featuring everything from Alice in Chains' Them Bones to Beethoven's Cavatina. As for the surfing, our great friend Derek Hynd serves as the film's Director of Surfing – suffice to say, it's outstanding.

There's only one New York showing scheduled  – February 18th at the 92nd Street Y and it's likely to sell out fast, so get your tickets now! Click the image above, or click here:

Here's a preview:

I'll be there, hope to see y'all there as well!

Will Hallett

2016 ESA All Stars Video!

New Year, brand new Eastern Surfing Association ALL Star Team! And it's jammed packed with young, talented surfers and some great friends of ours. This terrific video was produced by Jordan Montgomery of the Eastern Surfing Association's ESA All-Stars for the Surf Expo's induction ceremony, and features great clips and stills of the 2016 All Stars: Ryan Conklin, Patrick Conklin, Jordan Montgomery, Nohea Futrell, Spencer Bridges, Sophie Falzone, Logan Kamen, Kai Nichols, Lars Hamilton, Lily Whatley, Leah Thompson, Alexa Muss, Cooper Fortney, Braidyn Cunningham, Julia Eckel, Noah Dovin, Georgia Cook, Maria Barend, Ana Barend, Cierra Cunningham, Haley Watson, Rodney Logan, and Chuck Barend. 

Solid crew, solid surfing – check it!

YouTube Preview Image


Go-Go-Gonzalo! Hurricane Groundswell (and all of NY) spends Saturday in New Jersey

For much of early October, 2014 the Atlantic basin had remained relatively quiet, and frankly most of us were starting to get a bit cranky. After all, we had been relatively spoiled by a pretty darned consistent run of good swell events dating back to Hurricane Arthur on July 3rd, and well, we wanted more!

What we got instead was a minor disturbance here or there, but nothing of consequence from late Septmeber into those first days of October. Sometime in the second week however, the models started to show a little something-something – and sure enough, late in the day on October 12th, TS Gonzalo got himself organized deep in the caribbean. For the next several days he took his time, gained some strength, and set his sites on a course for Bermuda. And while that was not a good thing for the beautiful British Island, it was just about perfect for delivering east coast hurricane swell from Puerto Rico to Maine – which is exactly what he did!

By Friday October 18th, Gonzalo was a Cat 3 just south of Bermuda, and all of NY, NJ and for that matter PA or any other state within driving distance was on alert and loading up their cars with boards and friends and more boards and friends and making plans for a Jersey run. The forecast models all agreed and everyone knew it: We were in for an event of west winds, solid swell, sunshine, warm water and plenty of company.

What followed was perhaps one of the more…ahem….interesting days of Jersey surf many of us have ever witnessed, as cars and trucks unloaded onto the beaches and into the lineups. What they found there (besides the crowds) however, was that Gonzalo wasn't about to give up the goods quite so easily: The swell was big enough alright, but the waves were fast, closey and required more than a little patience and skill. But for those with the patience and the skill, the payoff was tremendous, and won't soon be forgotten. Of course, neither will the beatings!

Here's some of our favorites from our friends on Instagram – click through and give them all a follow! And of course, don't forget to follow us as well —>

Above left: Mike Gleason showing how it's done, Jersey Style. Photocredit: Seth Stafford via Epic Shirt's facebook page.

Bonus: Congrats to the Manasquan High School Surf Team on their first State Championship! Sunday, October 19th, 2014!

Double Bonus: Our great friend Logan Kamen and Share the Stoke Foundation's "Groms Take Over" Event in Belmar went off on Sunday, October 19th and was a HUGE success! Stoked groms had a beach cleanup, a surf clinic and contest, and more! 5 lucky groms left with Firewire Surfboards and there were tons of other giveaways as the Groms took over 16th Avenue Beach! The amazing Mary Dunham of Shore Shot Images was there to capture it all. Here's a couple of shots:

Click here for the full Shore Shot Images gallery —->

….and for more on the event, click here —->


All in all, an amazing weekend on our east facing beaches up and down the Jersey Shore. Hoping for more soon before the weather and water cool off too much. See y'all out there next time!

                       — Will Hallett

How to Celebrate the Equinox, Jersey Style!

Summer 2014 officially ended sometime in the late evening hours of Monday, September 22nd, and by all accounts, it went out with a bang – ending what can arguably be called one of the most consistent summers of surf the NY NJ Surf area in many, many years. 

A low pressure system developed off the coast near the Delmarva peninsula and moved out over the Atlantic on Saturday, ushering up crisp clean beautiful waves under suprisingly light winds for the entire NY NJ Surf area on Sunday. The better than expected conditions conveniently provided solid surf for the 2014 Volcom unsOund Pro Finals in Long Beach and the 2014 Manasquan Longboard Classic.

But what followed on Monday was nothing short of epic for nearly the entire 127 mile stretch of east facing beaches of the Jersey Shore, with W to WNW winds and near perfect head high plus and often barreling conditions all day.

Here's a 12 shot roundup of some of the best from Jersey on Monday from some of our favorite photogs. Click on the images and give them a follow, and of course don't forget to follow us here —> 

Above left: Matt Christ on a CNJ Drainer. Photocredit: Jennifer Herbst, via Epic Shirts Facebook page.

Bonus: 2014 Volcom unsOund Pro finals in 5 seconds or less!

1st: Killian Garland @kilgarz

2nd: Michael Dunphy @michaeldunphy

3rd: Jeremy Johnston @jermjohnston

4th: Balaram Stack @_balaram


All in all, a great way to end to one helluva summer. Here's hoping Fall 2014 continues the pattern, and from the looks of the forecast models for these first few days, I'm thinking we're going to get off to a good start.
 See y'all out there!

           — Will Hallett