Better than Bertha: 12 Shot Roundup of Mid August’s Non-Tropical Surprise

The NY NJ Surf region got a rare treat for mid-August: A warm water version of a mid-winter storm swell. Heavy rains drenched parts of our area in the overnight, but by morning on the 13th, skies were already clearing to the west and south and the swell was filling in. WNW to West winds dominated most of the day meaning Jersey was the call, but not so much as to blow out Long Island where it might not have been as clean, but there were still plenty of size and ramps to be found…lasting right into the morning of the 14th, if you found the right spots!

Here's a bunch from around the region, featuring photos from so many of our great friends on Instagram and facebook – click through and follow them, and don't forget to follow us as well —> and

Above Left: Bobby Siliato catches a high flyer. Robert Siliato Photography, via facebook.

Bonus: "Flipagram" of One of our favorite young surfers, Mikey Vanaman, tearing it up in S Jersey.

Hope you all got some – and here's hoping there's more on the way. I don't know about you, but another "non-tropical" event would suit me just fine. See y'all out there!

— Will Hallett