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How to Celebrate the Equinox, Jersey Style!

Summer 2014 officially ended sometime in the late evening hours of Monday, September 22nd, and by all accounts, it went out with a bang – ending what can arguably be called one of the most consistent summers of surf the NY NJ Surf area in many, many years. 

A low pressure system developed off the coast near the Delmarva peninsula and moved out over the Atlantic on Saturday, ushering up crisp clean beautiful waves under suprisingly light winds for the entire NY NJ Surf area on Sunday. The better than expected conditions conveniently provided solid surf for the 2014 Volcom unsOund Pro Finals in Long Beach and the 2014 Manasquan Longboard Classic.

But what followed on Monday was nothing short of epic for nearly the entire 127 mile stretch of east facing beaches of the Jersey Shore, with W to WNW winds and near perfect head high plus and often barreling conditions all day.

Here's a 12 shot roundup of some of the best from Jersey on Monday from some of our favorite photogs. Click on the images and give them a follow, and of course don't forget to follow us here —> 

Above left: Matt Christ on a CNJ Drainer. Photocredit: Jennifer Herbst, via Epic Shirts Facebook page.

Bonus: 2014 Volcom unsOund Pro finals in 5 seconds or less!

1st: Killian Garland @kilgarz

2nd: Michael Dunphy @michaeldunphy

3rd: Jeremy Johnston @jermjohnston

4th: Balaram Stack @_balaram


All in all, a great way to end to one helluva summer. Here's hoping Fall 2014 continues the pattern, and from the looks of the forecast models for these first few days, I'm thinking we're going to get off to a good start.
 See y'all out there!

           — Will Hallett